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Dual Language

Integrating English Learners and English dominant students with the goal of developing culturally-aware, multilingual students.


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About Our Dual Language Program

Salem-Keizer Public School's dual language program integrates English Learners and English dominant students with the goal of improving the academic and linguistic performance of all participants. Its mission is to develop critically aware, multilingual students who are equipped to build bridges of intercultural understanding between diverse communities and successfully participate in the global community.

Our dual language program's vision is that all students:

  • attain high levels of proficiency in English and Spanish and are able to use both languages effectively in academic and social settings.
  • perform at or above grade level in English and Spanish in all content areas.
  • value and appreciate their own culture and the diversity of our community’s cultures.
  • graduate with an Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy and are prepared to thrive as global citizens.

Dual Language Program Details

Elementary dual language programs follow a two-way immersion model; classrooms are comprised of balanced numbers of English Learners and native English speakers and include students who enter school with bilingual skills.

Elementary dual language programs adhere to an 80/20 language allocation model. Most instruction is in Spanish in the primary grades gradually increasing to 50% of instruction in English and 50% in Spanish by Grade 4. Students are expected to actively use the language of instruction and are grouped in ways that provide opportunities to practice language and benefit from peer models.

   Kinder   Grade 1   Grade 2   Grade 3   Grade 4   Grade 5 
   20% English   20% English   30% English   40% English   50% English   50% English 
   80% Spanish   80% Spanish 
   70% Spanish 
   60% Spanish 
   50% Spanish   50% Spanish 
  • Kindergarten is 20% English and 80% Spanish
  • Grade 1 is 20% English and 80% Spanish
  • Grade 2 is 30% English and 70% Spanish
  • Grade 3 is 40% English and 60% Spanish
  • Grade 4 is 50% English and 50% Spanish
  • Grade 5 is 50% English and 50% Spanish

Apply for Our Dual Language Program

Enrollment Applications

If you are interested in enrolling your student in a dual language program at a Magnet school for Kindergarten or first grade for the following school year, you can pick up an application at Grant, Harritt or Myers elementary schools beginning March 1. 

Selection is based on four priorities:

  1. Students who live in the school boundary for the Magnet school.
  2. Students who have siblings in the Magnet school program.
  3. Students who live in the Salem-Keizer School District boundary, but live outside the Magnet school boundary.
  4. Students who live outside of the Salem-Keizer School District boundary.

Application Process & Deadline

Dual language program applications submitted by the deadline are reviewed and organized by prioritized criteria. If there are more applicants than spaces available, a lottery is conducted for the remaining spots. Applying does not guarantee placement in the dual language program.

  1. First enroll your student in your neighborhood school.
  2. Next, return a copy of your enrollment form and your completed Dual Language application to the Magnet School or Elementary Education Office by March 31.
  3. Applications are also available as a fillable PDF. (For best results, download to your computer and use Acrobat when filling out.)

Enrollment for Grades 1-5

English Learner – Spanish Primary Language

If your student is an English learner and Spanish is the primary language spoken at home, they may apply to enroll in a dual language program at any grade level if they live within the boundary of a dual language school. Your student’s Spanish proficiency may be assessed to help determine appropriate classroom placement.

English is Primary Language

If English is the primary language spoken at home, your student may only apply for the dual language program in kindergarten or first grade because of language demands in Spanish beyond first grade. If your student was previously enrolled in a dual language program in another district, they may enroll in the program after first grade if there is space available.

For additional information, contact the principal of your neighborhood dual language school.

Dual Language FAQs