Breakfast, lunch and supper in the bag

Many schools are now including suppers in Grab-N-Go meal bags. Each bag contains breakfast, lunch and supper. If you are picking up multiple bags, we recommend bringing your own bag to help carry the amount of food being distributed.

The schools listed below are open for Grab-N-Go Meals from 11 a.m-1 p.m.

Desayuno, almuerzo y cena en la bolsa para llevar

Ahora incluimos cenas en la bolsa de alimentos escolares listos para llevar. Cada bolsa contiene desayuno, almuerzo y cena. Si va a recoger varias bolsas, le recomendamos que traiga su propia bolsa para ayudar a llevar la cantidad de alimentos que se distribuye.

Las escuelas que se indican a continuación están abiertas para la distribución de alimentos listos para llevar de 11 a.m. a 1 p.m.

School Meal Locations

Battle Creek Elementary 1640 Waln Dr SE, 97306
Brush College Elementary 2623 Doaks Ferry Rd. NW, 97304
Chávez Elementary (Meals served at the front of the school) 2400 Walker Rd. NE 97305
Clear Lake Elementary 7425 Meadowglen St. N, Keizer 97303
Cummings Elementary 613 Cummings Ln. N, Keizer 97303
Englewood Elementary 1132 19th St. NE, 97301
Eyre Elementary 4868 Buffalo Dr. SE, 97317
Four Corners Elementary 500 Elma Ave. SE, 97317
Grant Community School 725 Market St. NE, 97301
Gubser Elementary 6610 14th Ave. NE, Keizer, 97303
Hallman Elementary 4000 Deerhaven Dr. NE, 97301
Hammond Elementary 4900 Bayne Street NE, 97305
Hayesville Elementary 4545 Ward Dr. NE, 97305
Hoover Elementary 1104 Savage Rd. NE, 97301
Keizer Elementary 5600 McClure St. N, Keizer 97303
Kennedy Elementary 4912 Noren Ave. NE, Keizer 97303
Lee Elementary 5650 Venice St. SE, 97306
Liberty Elementary 4871 Liberty Rd. S, 97306
McKinley Elementary 466 McGilchrist St. SE, 97302
Miller Elementary 1650 46th Place SE, 97317
Morningside Elementary 3513 12th St. SE, 97302
Myers Elementary 2160 Jewel St. NW, 97304
Pringle Elementary 5500 Reed Ln. SE, 97306
Richmond Elementary 466 Richmond Ave. SE, 97301
Salem Heights Elementary 3495 Liberty Rd. S, 97302
Schirle Elementary 4875 Justice Way S, 97302
Stephens Middle School 4962 Hayesville Dr. NE, 97305
Sumpter Elementary 525 Rockwood St. SE, 97306
Swegle Elementary 1751 Aguilas Ct. NE. 97301
Walker Middle School 1075 8th St. NW, 97304
Washington Elementary 3165 Lansing Ave. NE, 97301
Weddle Elementary 1825 Alder Dr. NE Keizer, 97303
Wright Elementary 4060 Lone Oak Rd. SE, 97302